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An extra tip! Buy the right bottle...

So I might just be the stupid one here (no comments confirming this please 😂).

I pencil my eyebrows every day and I hate it- I’m the over plucking generation where tiny eyebrows were the must have. I regret it now massively as they don’t grow at all!

So, my tip is, buy eyebrow dye as it’s £10 a time to get them done professionally. It is so easy to put on using a cotton bud for precision. (This product isn’t very good FYI- don’t buy it!)

The product I have shown you doesn’t come with peroxide so I bought some. My tip is also this! Make sure you know how much you are buying as I now have a bottle that would last two peoples lifetimes! So, check things like this against other bottles you have. I can’t store this in my cosmetics draw now as the bottles so big. Ensure you are getting the size bottle you need.

I’d also like to hear from other people who have done the same as me and bought things the wrong size.

Another example of mine is that I bought a pull cord handle. It was for a dolls house 😂.

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