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#6 Life Administration

Do you struggle to stay up to date with your paperwork and ensuring you are not paying over the odds on your life expenses?  Lets get those papers organised and reduce your monthly bills!


Do you have your own business and struggle to keep track of the day-to-day running of it?  Or has your social media been forgotten about?  Let me help you plan and implement your social media.


Have you got a website that needs updating or do you want a website? I designed and built this website, and here is another one I have built and continue to manage:


A three-hour slot £105 weekdays

£120 weekends

Website development £500 (up to 20 hours)

I DO NOT take a deposit as I trust you will not cancel, but if you do need too, please give me three days notice so I can try and fill the slot.  We then have two weeks to reschedule a booking or to the nearest available date.  If you notify me within three days and just wish to cancel,  I will ask for £45 (weekday) and £55 (weekend) cancellation fee.  Please understand and respect this as being self-employed is hard enough without cancelled jobs.

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