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#5 Precious Person and Elderly Support/Care

Are you craving a night off?  Or should I say, a night out as your mind is still going to be thinking of your special ones no matter where you are!

Give yourself that break and book me in to look after your young or elderly ones.

I may be at yours for a declutter, or  gardening and you'll see what I am like with your children, but without booking me for something  else, I want to assure you kids love me and I look after them as if they were my own.  Please read my reviews to hear what little ones think of me.

I also work with elderly people that do not need medical help or assistance and provide good conversation, cooked food if needed, a cup of tea and help around the house.  

I take clients to the park, a café, shopping or do their shopping for them.  


£13 per hour childcare - evenings only

£15 per hour elderly support

Minimum 3 hours

Rowena and her newphews
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