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#7 Cat Sitting, Dog Walking,

Hamster/ Rabbit/ Rat hotel

Are you going on holiday and need someone to look after your fur babies?

I take in the family hamsters and rabbits, go and see the cats and take the dogs out so they can do their most favourite thing...walking!

I am a cat and dog owner (Fuggles the cat and Sausage and Rosie the miniture dachshunds) and have always wanted a pet rat, so I would also take a rat or ferret in if needed.


Cat Sitting £15 per visit

Dog Walking with Sausage and Rosie £15 an hour

Dog Boarding £40 per 24hrs

Hamster Boarding £15 per week

Rabbit Boarding - I have a huge garden £30 per week

Rat Boarding £20 per week

Ferret Boarding (you tell me!)

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