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#1 Decluttering... How It Works?


If you are reading this, you are probably looking around your house thinking one of the following;​

It's a complete mess!

I can't find anything!

I can't face sorting this out on my own!

What do I do with everything as I haven't got any space!


Relax, you have found me!​

A lot of people ask how it works, I'll explain;


I do not judge, we all have a story

I do not tell my clients what to get rid of or keep,  every decision is up to you, down to a paperclip found by the skirting board!  I will help you make some decisions but, I will never tell you what to do!

Many people feel scared the first time they have me in but there is no need to have any fear, it is really not a scary process, it can be life changing one!


The fact that you are reading this is the first step - I have watched people's mental health and lifestyle improve.

It is a process that requires us to work together and we have fun doing it!  So much can get done in a single slot depending on how ready you are to make the changes. If you have too much stuff, but you don't know how to sort through it all, that's where I come in.


I share with you how things can be stored, where things could be stored and why certain things should be kept or thrown/donated.  You can carry on, on your own or have my continued support.

So, ask yourself...what's in 'that' cupboard, you know the one I mean! If you don't know, book a professional declutter with me.

For before and after pictures  follow me on Instagram or Facebook


Declutter Before - Dining Room
Declutte After - Dining Room


A three-hour slot

£105 weekday £120 weekends

(includes a charity drop)

If you just want a consultation, I charge £45 for an hour going over your home, however I think there is little point in looking at the problem when we can just get on with resolving it.

I DO NOT take a deposit as I trust you will not cancel, but if you do need too, please give me three days notice so I can try and fill the slot.  We then have two weeks to reschedule a booking or to the nearest available date.  If you notify me within three days and just wish to cancel,  I will ask for £45 (weekday) and £55 (weekend) cancellation fee.  Please understand and respect this as being self-employed is hard enough without cancelled jobs.

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