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You always have space!

I hear every time I go into someone’s house ‘I just don’t have enough space’. This is very rarely ever the case.

This client had an area that became the dumping ground and she didn’t know how to best make use of it.

Together we sorted out everything in the area and moved much of it to different locations and I gave her advice as to how this area could be better used.

Always remember my business mantra - the floor is for feet!

Now my client has space to move things out of high traffic areas and will be making the lower shelves a reading area for her two young boys.

A lot of what I do is seeing what you no longer see and finding a better way to store things in the places that suit YOU.

There is not a standard way of organising as every house is different and people do things in different parts of the house. For example, you might blow dry your hair in the living room not the bedroom so it’s about creating a place for those bits in the living room.

Book me in find the space you don’t think you have 😁.

£90 for a three hour declutter.

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