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The loft of doom! 👻

Who else’s loft is the dumping ground? It seems to be a lot of people’s even if it’s been converted (at a huge cost) to make ‘extra space’.

Use it well or there is little point in having it my loyal followers!

This client had been ‘putting’ things in it for years and then had enough so they called me in- I have known them for a while as I look after their three boys and have hostessed at parties for their friends but then I was called in for my decluttering expertise 😂.

The contents of the shelves and brown boxes are full of paperwork for my client to go through, I do do this with people but it is time consuming and very personal- I prefer to sort an area and give you homework 😤 to do a box or part of a box in an evening as after I leave it doesn’t mean the job is done! You MAY have work still to do depending on what we find! Rome wasn’t built in a day after all.

Is yours full of things you’ve forgotten about? Get me in and we’ll rediscover the past together and laugh, or cry at what we find!

£90 for a three hour declutter and as my client said to me today (not this one) - I feel relief and calmer already knowing that you’ve been!

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