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Self level yourself!

As many of you know I’ve spent lock down doing up my new house and part of the work was replacing brown carpet tiles in my porch and carpet in my conservatory.

This was so easy to do that I have even considered offering it as a service!

🙂 Remove existing flooring

🙂 Clean floor

🙂 Prime floor

🙂 Mix self leveller

🙂 Pour and spread out

🙂 Wait to dry (I left it 24 hours)

🙂 Lay vinyl tiles and cut edges where needed with a Stanley Knife

It took about 4 hours in total - 40 mins to lay the self leveller then around 3 the following day laying and cutting the tiles. Even quicker to do the porch!

Such a big difference and no labour costs!

Yes, girls do run the world!

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