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Get your kids to declutter THEIR things with me

Over the age of 6.

Kids can only really do an hour so if you have a couple of kids that are messy little rascals then why should you sort out their things to then have multiple arguments and unnecessary stress!

Let me take that from you and work with your kids to make them aware that they need to look after THEIR things, not you 🥰.

I am great with kids and can win trust over them quickly so you can sit back and watch them do some work 😂.

£90 for three hours but we will stop as soon as your child gets tired/fed up. You will be surprised how much they get rid off given the chance- with you, they will want EVERYTHING 😂.

We can then work on other areas that are annoying you once the children tire to use the three hours effectively.

Here’s a child’s room transformed but as always I didn’t take many photos - I annoy myself as we moved three pieces of furniture of which two are being sold!


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