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Be a hostess with the mostess

Are you having a party and need an extra pair of hands so you can enjoy yourself and actually spend time/speak to your guests.

I have been doing a fair few parties recently and this one involved setting the church hall up as well whilst the christening took place.

Around 60 people were at the event (20 kids and 40 adults). The food was topped up, the glasses and plates washed throughout the event and everything cleared up thereafter.

My client said at the end that she relaxed and it was the least stressful part of the whole event as she got to have a decent conversation with everyone who came. I was kept incredibly busy and didn’t stop for the four hours I was booked for.

£16 an hour per Extra pair of hands booked. There should have been two of us for this event really but I got on with it as always 😁.

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