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An extra tip! Store things well and you have more space

Store your bedding together!

I have gone through a large number of linen cupboards now and one thing I always find is clients can’t find the matching set!

They have a large array of lovely bedding and some really old, never used bits - just for an emergency of course 😂 but can never easily find a set!

Go through it all and fold a whole set away together for each of the beds - also storing the bedding for each bed, in the room it belongs. Children’s bedding in their room, your bedding in yours.

I put a sheet, the four pillow cases and the duvet into a little pack then I have to just get that out from under my bed. Let’s be honest, no one enjoys changing a bed so make it that little bit less irritating 🤗. It squishes down nicely too 😁.


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