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An extra tip! Sofa maintenance is key

An extra tip!

Sofas are something we sit on everyday so purchase wisely. When I was cleaning I’d always puff up the cushions but some sofas just didn’t ever look good as the owners didn’t turn them around regularly.

So this tip is a change of habit. Before going to bed each night, plumb up your cushions and turn them around if they are sagging. By doing this they will last so much longer and continue to look good.

This is my sofa that I’ve had from DFS for 13 years (I didn’t think for a second it would last this long) and it still looks good in my opinion- a part from the paint on the cushion 🤨.

Most sofa cushions can also be washed so get into the habit of washing them at least every six months- before winter and before summer!

Go on, turn your cushions now and plumb them up! Take a before and after photo and post it on the comments.

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