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An extra tip! Nail biters have hope

I have always bitten my nails and hated my hands as a consequence until I started using gelax and now my nails are beautiful if I don’t say so myself. I am not longer embarrassed of them and considering my business name, that’s a good thing 😂.

Gelax is strong and even when I found myself gnawing on the sides of my nails (it’s a 37 year habit to break) the nail vanish did not chip! I initially did have to get tips put on my nails as they were so short!

Recently I’ve moved to SNS polish which is less heavy on the nail but three nails chipped within 24 hours of getting them done due to me nibbling the sides so I’m clearly not ready for that 😂.

If your children bite their nails they don’t advice young children to have gel as it requires an LED light to set the polish and their nail beds are still developing but any early teenagers upwards can have this down.

Bite (I mean beat) the habit now! I just wish I had done this years a go!

Good luck nail biters 💅🏼😁


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