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An extra tip! Moving home shouldn’t be stressful! 🏡

Moving home really doesn’t need to be stressful as you have months to plan and pack before the actual day. Having just gone through this process I felt very organised and in control the whole time which made the move day far less stressful then I anticipated it to be.

It’s a long post but please bare with me. Here are a few tips to keep the stress levels down or you can get my help if you are about to explode 🙃.

🏡 First thing...choose the right estate agent. There are so many to choose from wherever you live so choose wisely as you are stuck with them throughout the whole process- I really didn’t research enough (online reviews of people’s experiences). This was the only stress I had which made the experience less pleasing so for me, this is one of the most, or the important thing to get right! Try and find one as close to 1% as possible, everything over that is a rip off!

🏡 You’ll know approximately what your property is worth so don’t under OR over price it. Be realistic and know what you need to move before you even begin this process as you might not have the money to do it at all. Know your bottom price and don’t go lower!

🏡 Get organised! Go through each room at a time before you even have the photos done but more so over the months the purchase is going through and chuck, donate or sell things you haven’t used for years or no longer like. If you don’t do this, you are simply bringing excess things to clog up your new place.

🏡 Get boxes second hand from Facebook Market place. A lot of the time they are free or cost far less then buying them new which is pretty pointless as you will only be using them once! My move cost me £20 for boxes, tape and some bubble wrap I bought off of Amazon.

🏡 Use two different types of tape to seal the boxes, normal brown tape and white ‘Fragile’ tape, this separates the breakables from everything else.

🏡 Label each box with the location it’s to go in at your new place- bedroom 1, 2, 3, kitchen, utility, shed etc. This makes it easier to have everything in the right place when you get there. Also write what’s in it - towels, clothes, utensils etc. Don’t go into detail unless you really want too.

🏡 Box all similar items together- bags, work clothes, leisure clothes, shoes etc. This makes it easier to find what you need quickly at the new place.

🏡 Ensure you write HEAVY on some boxes so you/anyone else is aware.

🏡 Pack up all the things you know you won’t need until you move for example occasional kitchen utensils or clothes.

🏡 Arrange council pick up or charity pick up for any furniture you don’t want, is broken or you haven’t got room for at your new place. Contact Junk and Disorderly if you have loads to go - Dave is your man - 07757 215085.

🏡 Research removal companies or van hire- I have heard awful stories about companies so go by reviews rather then instinct- people’s experience is worth far more then a sales rep giving you all the spiel! I learnt that from my estate agent choice!!

🏡 Don’t leave boxes everywhere. Make space to store them within your current property so you aren’t falling over them!

🏡 Put soft things into laundry bags, keep the boxes for heavy/bulky items. Laundry bags are cheap to buy and if anyone wants mine, message me, I have loads that I no longer need nor want.

🏡 Don’t leave everything to the last minute as that doesn’t help anyone!

🏡 Enjoy the process, I’ve bought new things for my new place (kettle, toaster, saucepans, knives, baking trays, bedding). You want some new things to feel excited about when you move.

🏡 Plan the move day so you know what to expect, at what time and who’s doing what.

🐱 Finally, don’t forget the cat! I stupidly fed mine in the morning and he wouldn’t come back when I was leaving at 13:30. Luckily I only moved 20 minutes away so came back at 18:00 to fetch him 🤨.

Finally, enjoy it and don’t panic.

If you need my help I offer three services within this remit.

🤗 Struggling to sell your property then have a declutter and let me redesign your furniture layout to show the rooms at their best. You are used to looking at them, I come in with a fresh pair of eyes - 3 hours £90

🤗 Decluttering and packing up - 3 hours £90

🤗 Move day assistance so you have me all day to assist and organise everyone involved, clean if needed, follow you to your new place, unpack some of your boxes (children’s room for example so they have somewhere comfortable to sleep at their new home) or your bedroom 😆. Basically, I am your eyes and ears so you can deal with the big stuff- the money! That day will be a blur once it’s over - £180 for the day.

Good luck!

Here is my first bit of packing of all the bits I knew I wouldn’t need using boxes I got for free on Facebook and the second photo is of Fuggles enjoying the sun whilst I panicked as I had to leave him 😭. (Please note that’s my neighbours garden 😆)

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