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An extra tip! Google yourself!

Check you and your children’s digital footprint as everyone has probably spent more time online during lockdown!

I googled my name and the business name on both google and bing. From doing that;

👓 I took my personal account off of 192. com and added my business.

👓 I updated my details on a site about. me

👓 I deactivated my historic twitter account.

👓 I removed any out of dates links on google for me and the business.

If you are a parent, it is even more vital for you and the kids to keep an eye on their digital footprint. You never know who might google them in the future....employers maybe?

Digital content can be difficult to remove and it won’t disappear instantly. Google searches the internet for new/changed content so it may take a week or so before you can see the changes. (Can you tell I used to work in adverting 😆).

Go on, google yourself and where you work to see what comes up. Comment below if you come across anything you were surprised about 😆.

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