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An extra tip! File Your Children’s Art Work

Your children’s pictures that come house each term amass!

First of all, you don’t have to keep everyone, the mum guilt does take over for 90% of the people I work with.

So my advice, keep the ones that are land marks- their first drawing for example. A cute one of the family, your pet. Photograph all the others and create an album on your phone for each child if you have multiple.

Now onto choosing the ones to keep!

Children are hilarious the things they come out with so, when you child comes home with all the pictures first of all ask them which ones mean something to them and write on the back WHY it was important eg

“I drew this because I I love princesses and I want to be one some day” 🥰. Date it!

Let them choose which takes the guilt away from you. If they say all of them are important - ask the question again...

“I know you want to keep all of them but I want you to show me which ones are special and you are most proud of and you will probably draw some amazing things that are EVEN better next term”

Guilt gone! 😀

Here’s an example of a picture I kept last year and the folders I’ve created 🥰.

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