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An extra tip! Clear your kitchen surfaces!

Put your food bin on the wall so it’s not clogging up your surfaces and putting unnecessary germs on it too. I put two nails in the wall and it sits perfectly on them near my general rubbish so it’s earlier to get rid of bits in one swoop.

Try to wash the container every time you empty the bag too- especially in summer as I’m sure a lot of us have been surprised how quickly it starts walking...if that’s on your surface then you could actually be cooking maggot 💩. 🤮.

Final point...before people say I don’t recycle food waste because it’s disgusting and stinks. You are contributing to the 4.1 million tons going to landfill out of the 10 million tons produced per year. Why send it to landfill when it can be energy and fertiliser to help produce more food within the UK. Just saying 😄.

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