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A bedroom to relax in...

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

This single mother with an 8 month old very active child had moved into a new place two weeks before I arrived. She had paid for a removal company to pack all her things up but my gosh, they had done such a bad job with anything and everything in all the boxes!

She was then riffling through the boxes to try and find what she her bedroom is tranquil and organised!

Furniture was moved out of the room and some of the tubs were actually empty. Anything you see on the floor (beside the bed) or piled up (beside the IKEA cupboard) is going into a wardrobe that couldn’t be built as there was no room to build it, since then, it’s been built and everything has been contained!

As a parent, sleep is invaluable so having a nice room to go into I can imagine, is priceless!

Do you have a bedroom that stresses you out more then relaxes you? Book me in for a £90 declutter.

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