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An extra tip! The secrets of table salt...

I was at a declutter a couple of months back and my clients daughter came into the kitchen where we were working and I started speaking to her about my hate for straws.

She then went on to tell me about salt...table salt more precisely. It generally contains 10% plastic!!! YES 10%! I have not eaten any table salt since hearing this.

So, I did some research and here are my findings;

1) Table salt has been drained of all nutritional benefits, it has added additives to stop it clumping and this is the salt that has the highest concentration of plastic too. If we were to eat our daily allowance of salt we are likely to have eaten three pieces of plastic every day! 😳

2) Sea salt is not much better (note to self, upgrade again to the next salt in my list)

3) Himalayan Pink salt and any other derive of that is what we should be using if we have salt on our tables or in our food at all. This is because there is less plastic pollution in the Himalayas then in the ocean.

Good luck 😁

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