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An extra tip! Choose your garden furniture wisely!

Personally I have metal chairs as they require no maintence and last for years much the same as wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture however does need to be treated every year to protect it and make it look good for far longer. It does take time and effort to do this though so, if you know you have a busy life, or you are not really a DIY’er, reconsider your garden furniture. Be honest with yourself...are you really going to treat it 😁.

Here is an example of a clients wooden furniture that I applied Teak oil too and it looks like new once it’s on. It took about two hours to put oil on the whole set using a paint brush so I could get into all the gaps and it still requires another coat (they suggest 3 coats 🤨).

I hope this helps in the season of being in your gardens 🥰

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