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An extra tip! Baby Gates!!

Baby gates - horrible horrible things or... do I just have a pet hate for them as I can’t ever open them at friends houses! 😆

Since the pup arrived, it was a long labour (he’s a Sausage dog) I had to get one and I hate them. I researched and found one that doesn’t have the bit that you always catch your toe on and open with one hand. Genius, it will keep Sausage in -fierce huge dog and so it would most certainly keep the mini me’s in 😁.

You do have to screw it into the wall but I’d rather have all my toes and that’s nothing a bit of #polyfilla can’t fix 😆. The other beauty about this is you can put the gate as high or low as you want and it.

Babydan is the brand. #babydan

Here’s mine in action.

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