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Happy birthday is the most ironic phrase

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

I wanted to do a post about mental health as it’s a screwed up world where you simply can’t see the light through the trees!

Some people end up as hoarders and in awful situations because of their mental health. This should never be judged, you end up in a hole where you can’t see any means of getting out and go deeper for being judged.

Judging people is done in seconds but when you dig deeper you realise HOW and WHY they are in that situation.

I meet people everyday who are happy, sad or trying to move on. Hugely depressed or planning their next family house move so very exciting times. I see the positives and the negatives (more positives then negatives) but whomever I’m with- we have a laugh, which ultimately helps me without people realising.

We are helping each other!

Life is hard! It is there to test you, and others around you to see how much they can support you when you are at your worst! My friends are amazing!

I am type 2 bipolar (I don’t get the highs- just the lows...I know!), I medicate every day because of my mental health, my anxiety is so bad I vomit most days, I’m impressed with myself when I don’t!

I keep the house (that I bought in juicer times) above my head and I’m not in debt, getting out each day is an achievement but I know I have to do it to keep said roof above my head but mostly I do it because I meet people who are very often feeling like I do. Lost in a world of excess!

Basically, this post comes about as I turned 37 on Friday, and I struggled and I wanted to reach out and say, it’s ok to not be ok!

‘HAPPY’ birthday when you are feeling like dog poop is the most ironic thing to hear (please don’t say happy birthday to me 😂)

This business however does keep me going so thank you for booking me, following me and supporting me! Xxx

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