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Closing the business temporarily 😕

23rd March 2020

Good evening All,

I write this with massive sadness as I will not be running a service until the lock down rules have been lifted.

We will all be affected by this emotionally, physically and financially.

I am an ‘at risk’ person with type 1 diabetes and as I go in and out of people’s homes, it is not safe for me or them.

We are all in this together so I hope other self-employed people follow suite but this a very scary time for us as we are not getting much/any assistance from the government so, I will be continuing my extra tips and I am offering hour video consultations for £45 so I can give you help, support and advice whilst we are stuck inside.

This means you can make a start and understand how you are using your house currently to improve things for the future. Message me to book a slot if you look around and don’t know where to start 🥰.

Stay safe everyone, stay positive and stay in!

Lots of love

Rowena xxx

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