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Toy room or floor room?

This client had had enough of the play room that the kids weren’t using so instead bringing all their toys into the living area- the communal area of the house.

They were fantastic to work with as they knew the kids had too much but also knew that they couldn’t either find or get to the toys they did like! Now they can!

Sometimes I get scared that my clients kids will be upset once I’ve been as so much goes or is relocated in the house but I’ve been informed, my clients kids are thrilled! Remember, I don’t tell you to get rid or anything- all the decisions are down to you - their mum or dad, but I still carry the fear 😂.

Do you have a playroom that you just can’t face doing on your own and want it to look like this one, well, book me in- relieve your stress once and for all 🥰. £90 for three hours- this room was done in that time frame!

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