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Too much furniture!

This client is just about to have a hip operation and has relatives coming to stay so we had to sort out the spare room.

As soon as I arrived I realised they had a lot of excess furniture so together we sorted through everything to reduce the ‘dumping zone’ and now it’s ready for visitors.

When organising your house you need to respect each persons things and most importantly, the communal areas of the house. Your things should be in your room, the kids things should be in their room! If you have your stuff everywhere then why should the kids not have their stuff everywhere...

Together we cleared two pieces of furniture - the cheer of draws by the fireplace is also empty!

With two young children they felt overwhelmed and did not no where to start the process, so they got me in and have already booked me in again 🥰.

Do you struggle to get started? If so, get me in for three hours of advice, guidance and a lot of ideas which mean you can carry on, on your own, or with me 😁.

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