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Time and motivation are always the problem

When you have a day to yourself I’m sure the last thing you want to do is tidy and organise someone else’s ‘stuff’. That’s how this client felt!

This was a four hour declutter and I didn’t actually think we would do as much as we did, remember everyone, the floor is for feet, not stuff!

This room is at the top of a townhouse but the couples kids are old enough to play on their own and have a space for play dates with all their toys visible, and available.

Organising the shelving so the adults had the top row out of reach of them and the boys had the rest was key so the toys can come up from their rest of the house including any toys in their bedrooms.

They were left with 6 empty, yes empty buckets and a floor to walk on, or play twister 🥰.

You always have space, it’s just how you choose to use it.

Book me in to find your floor again 😁. £90 for a three hour declutter and it’s good fun too discovering lost items 😂.

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