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Pyjama party in your draws

An extra tip!

You only ‘need’ (I say loosely) three summer and three winter pjs/nighties/night wear items otherwise you are wasting valuable draw space. I have found it’s just not something people go through. When you do, you realise how many holes and stains and how grubby they’ve got 😂.

Give them a small space and once that’s full, refine. I did this myself not long ago as I needed a draw for me everyday shoes, (Sausage the dog keeps eating my inner soles so now they need to be put away properly 🐶). By doing this, I got rid of a small carrier bag of bits I know I don’t wear anymore.

This phots is what inspired the tip as the photo is of one of my clients pj/night wear collection.

Impressive right!

She’s now got one draw (as opposed to 5).

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