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Have you got a floodrobe

My clients HAD a floordrobe which had been stressing both her and her husband out for months. They kept on saying they would sort it out but over the months, it didn’t happen. With two young boys and bigger fish to fry, other things were more important. Then they booked me and in three hours and their bedroom was transformed. They joked they had never seen the carpet before 😂.

The photos don’t really show it but you couldn’t open either of their wardrobes as the stuff on the floor prevented it. They had two wardrobes but I quickly realised the husbands stuff needed to be in the wife’s wardrobe and vice versa.

The husband was better at using hangers but the wife couldn’t open the wardrobe to hang things- it was a great place for the kids playing hide and seek as they hide under the clothes 😆, sorry kids, I wrecked that for you 😂.

Having sorted out all of her clothes putting everything onto hangers we changed wardrobes. Why did I do this? Men generally have more things that don’t necessarily need hanging- big jumpers, coats, jeans and tracksuit bottoms. Whereas women’s clothes come in all shapes and sizes so the small bits get lost or thrown on the floor in this case 😂.

When I left each of them had each of their belongings in their own wardrobe and only shoes were on the floor! Both wardrobes now close too - winning!

Do you have a floordrobe? Contact me to find your carpet again 🥰.

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